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LÜBBERING DIGITAL is an online platform which has been specially developed to meet the needs of planners and users of LÜBBERING fastening systems and to support LÜBBERING sales partners. We want to give our customers and partners the information that they need in the shortest possible time. Unfiltered expertise directly from the manufacturer.

The new online platform contains five different modules with various functions relating to LÜBBERING fastening technology. Take a look inside and find out more about the modules in detail.


We hope that you really enjoy using the opportunities available to you in LÜBBERING DIGITAL.


L.SP3 Configurator

Configure your individual L.SP3 fastening system from our LÜBBERING standard programme of the third generation independently. We will guide you step by step through the configuration of your complete L.SP3 tool. Depending on your application (screw, nut or cap nut), you have the possibility of a custom-fit selection of geared offset heads, angle heads, drive machines as well as optional accessories. You can be sure that you will get exactly the fastening system you need.

While configuring your fastening system, we support you with descriptive pictures to facilitate the entry of the technical parameters. You will receive 2D drawings including the technical data of each system component, as well as 3D-CAD models.

You can submit an inquiry directly from the L.SP3 Configurator and will then receive a quotation from our sales team shortly after. Alternatively, you can save your configuration in your account, call it up at any time and send your inquiry later.

L.SP3 Quick Finder

Use the quick search facility to explore the complete L.SP3 product portfolio and find out if the product with your specific parameters is available. You can search, for example, for open and closed geared offset heads – available as a standard or inline model. In addition, you will be able to search for output socket gears with various output profiles. Helpful pictures appear in order to support you with the selection of the various output variants.

In the end, you will have gained access to all the technical data of the article and the respective product drawing. In order to find the article again, you can bookmark it on the requirements list and request a quotation from LÜBBERING.

Try it and use this tool to find the latest products in our fastening system range.

MY ToolBox

The My Toolbox module is the end customer’s personal toolbox – filled with LÜBBERING fastening systems.

You will always know where which products are being used and so have access to all the information and documents which relate to your fastening systems. These include, for example, operating instructions, spare parts lists or quality certificates. Expand your product data with your own photos of the product or of the operation site. To make it even more efficient, you can share your toolbox with selected teams or individual team members.

Any spare parts that you need can be easily found on the spare parts lists of your fastening systems. If you need a spare part, you can then send your inquiry directly from your My Toolbox account. You can view the processing status at any time. Our sales team will send you an offer as quickly as possible.


The LÜBBERING DIGITAL online platform offers an Academy module. Here, you will find all the information about the LÜBBERING training we offer. If you are interested in one of our numerous workshops, please contact us directly via the Academy module to request a training date. Our service team will prepare an individual offer for you.

The Academy module also allows you to view the training courses that you have attended at the LÜBBERING Academy at any time. You can access your personal certificates and training content such as operation instructions and videos. We will also recommend a refresher workshop whenever it is advisable.

Partner Lounge

As a LÜBBERING sales partner, you can now view in the Partner Lounge all the product details of any LÜBBERING fastening system you have sold.

You have quick and direct access to technical product data and drawings, quality certificates and spare parts lists. You will be able to provide your customers even more quickly with information in the event of technical queries and at the same time build up a database of knowledge, which you can refer to quickly and easily when planning new projects.