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Feasibility study

L.SMR concept Machbarkeitsstudie thumb
L.SMR concept Machbarkeitsstudie thumb


Ever shorter development times and rapidly changing product requirements are the driving forces in virtual product development. In order to ensure fast production, assembly processes are examined virtually through the use of CAD programmes prototypes. As an expert in fastening technology, LÜBBERING offers feasibility studies for creating precision fastening in demanding environments. In this way the entire fastening process is monitored and documented: From access to the working area to consideration of external data such as the drive Technology of the assembly tool to the exact modelling of the motion sequence throughout the fastening process.

We also do feasibility studies for drilling applications where we assess the access of an L.ADU to the working area and in most cases can then optimise the drilling process together with our customers. The tests are then documented and the results presented as a CAD model so that each assembly step or drilling cycle can be reviewed in detail.

The LÜBBERING feasibility study is designed to be an interactive process between our customers and the LÜBBERING fastening and drilling experts in order to generate added value for our customers.

This is the information we need for a feasibility study:

  • CAD data of the working area
  • Samples of the product to be fastened
  • Requirements for fastening precision
  • Fastening torques
  • Required drive technology



L.SMR concept Prototyping thumb
L.SMR concept Prototyping thumb


Feasibility is ensured through the use of realistic models which represent a link between a purely virtual view of the working area and reality. LÜBBERING provides 3D printed functional prototypes, which our customers can use in order to assess the results of the virtual tests, in realistic assembly or drilling processes.

At this stage of development, LÜBBERING prototypes can be modified easily and without excessive expense or time. It is easy to ensure feasibility with the help of LÜBBERING prototypes, particularly in applications with a high degree of variance. In addition to purely functional examination of the process, LÜBBERING prototypes can also be used for investigating workplace ergonomics or even the required peripherals.

    Your advantages:

  • Flexibly adaptable prototypes
  • Fast feasibility verification
  • Low costs compared with incorrectly planned systems
  • Early incorporation of additional requirements

Life Cycle Simulation

L.SMR concept Life_cycle_simulation thumb
L.SMR concept Life_cycle_simulation thumb
L.SMR concept Life_cycle_simulation thumb


The general trend in the automotive industry can be summed up very simply: More functionality in smaller spaces with less weight. The joining technology used in these vehicles must therefore be lighter in order to meet emissions requirements. This has the following effect on assembly technology: Screws and nuts which are already pretightened to their load limits must be capable of being fastened within ever decreasing tolerances. At the same time, installation space is being taken up with more and more components and is so becoming ever smaller.

This high-precision fastening is possible with LÜBBERING products. In order to achieve this, we sometimes have to push beyond the physical limits of the materials used. In order to ensure that we provide reliable information about service life and offer our customers calculable availability, we prepare individual service life analyses of our geared offset heads upon request for our customers. Here, torque and efficiency are documented and evaluated cyclically. This is followed by an inspection of the components, and the life cycle simulation is completed with a detailed description and evaluation.

    Your advantages:

  • Reduced risk of unforeseen failure
  • Optimisation of the fastening process
  • Creation of new areas of application


Projektierungsset thumb
Projektierungsset thumb
Projektierungsset thumb
Projektierungsset thumb
Projektierungsset thumb
Projektierungsset thumb


The L.SP3 projecting set offers you an easy and straightforward way of carrying out a feasibility study and with it, maximum confidence in choosing the right product. Different sets are available for different torques. Each of these sets comes in a high-quality suitcase, containing foam cutouts in which the components are safely stored.

The modular design of the L.SP3 product series allows many different fastening systems to be configured and assembled out of one projecting set. It only takes a few steps until you hold a simplified fastening system in your hands and you are then able to check your fastening space easily on your own.

Your advantages:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple and fast feasibility study
  • Ensures a correct product choice
  • Realistic demonstration of the product portfolio
  • Individual components made of POM that are high quality CNC milled
  • Modular product series L.SP3
  • Different sets for different torque areas