• Flexi-Template
  • Layered template system
  • Free to "flex"
  • Takes form of work piece
  • Holds contour once bushes are tightened
  • Only requires setting once
  • Compatible with all standard tool interfaces
  • 30% low weight then metallic jigs
  • Lower price as conventional template
  • 3-2-9_bohrschablone-1
  • 3-2-9_bohrschablone-2
  • 3-2-9_bohrschablone-3

Environmental Technology

Lübbering - Environmental Lübbering Umwelttechnik GmbH is the
company to get in contact with concer-
ning environmentally orientated products
and service in the filling station market.


Lübbering - Rollprofi The product-line of cable handling
systems known by the brand name of
Roll..Profi ensures professional
uncoiling in all areas.